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The Sims™ 3: Sunlit Tides Gold Edition! Here we are, another neighbourhood for The Sims™ 3! This time we are going away from the normal, 11 Dec 2013 So, here is the Sunlit file with the FIXED Resources imported, for people \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\InstalledWorlds 177,338 CreationsDownloads / Sims 3 / Searching for 'sunlit tides' Sunlit Mansion Beach House. Feb 23, 2014 by aloleng. loading Sunlit Beach Home 1. 23 Aug 2012 23 Aug 2012 Hey guys, AznSensei here posting this to inform of and provide you with as much information as possible with Sunlit Tides! I will also be adding Sunlit Tides is a world from The Sims 3 Store, and it was announced on August 15, 2012. It is based on a tropical island with sparkling beaches and palm trees. 9 Sep 2012 I'm new to the forums (since I installed and registered The Sims 3 yesterday) and I've been looking at the store worlds, particularly Sunlit Tides. Explore an All-New World – Discover the Wonders of Sunlit Tides! A modern downtown gives way to a lush jungle sprinkled with exotic bungalows and

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